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N° 12577. My South Sea Island  - Eric Muspratt

the travel book club, Charing Cross road, London  - with the stamp of "Universal book club, Taraporvala Sons, Bombay - 1946 - 5€

N° 13066. The Bank Manager - E. Phillips Oppenheim

 the prince of story-tellers - switch off the wireless - it's an Oppenheim.. - Hodder & stoughton 1933  8€


N° 7890 .  Encyclopaedia Britannica

a new survey of universal knowledge - 24 books - 24 volumes - includinEdition 1962 - printed in 1961 

and two volumes - 2 tomes : Funk and Wagnalls - Standard Dictionnary of the english language - the 26 books, les 24 volumes :  200€ 


N° 7743. The Saints, the Devil & the King - M.L. Mabie

The Bobbs-Merrill  Co. publishers, Indianapolis, 1930 - 5€

N° 10459 Wrexham's Romance 

N°6000. The works of William Shakspeare

with life, glossary, etc.. prepared from the texts of the first folio, and the quartos, compared with recent commentators. By the editor of the "Chandos" classics - The Albion edition - Frederick Warne, London, 8€

N°6247. The Book of common prayer 

and administration of the Sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of The Church of England, together with the Psalter, or Psalms of David - Collins Clear Type Press,1977  6€

N°4423 .Pylon  - Willian Faulkner 

 awarded the Nobel Price for Literature in 1950 - A Modern Library Book, 1950  4€

N°4469. The Abbey Dictionary

over 500 pages, many useful appendices, modern clear type, fully up to date - Abbey Librairy, London,    5€


N°4418. An American Business Adventure .H  Mark

1928.   50€

N°4391. Dark Hester .Anne Douglas Sedgwick

Mrs Basil de Sélincourt - Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1929.3€

N°4406. Flamenco. Lady Eleonor Schmith

Autor of Red Wagon - The Bobbs Merrill Company, Indianapolis - 1931  6€

Important Americain .2356 a.jpg (361773 octets)

Important Americain .2356 b.jpg (441194 octets)


Important Americain .2356 c.jpg (328455 octets)

Important Americain .2356  d.jpg (184279 octets)

N°2356. Important Americana - Sotheby's

auction New York january 28 29 and 31 1987 - 12€

Spaceflight,How it Worls and the bznefits it brings   a.jpg (323280 octets)

Spaceflight,How it Worls and the bznefits it brings   b.jpg (512969 octets)



N°3813. Space flight,How it Works and the benefits it brings. Philippe Buffet - Marcel lebaron

With a foreword by Hubert Curien .Les éditions Ronald Hirle - 1999.20€



Barnyard Babies.3425 a.jpg (266376 octets)

Barnyard Babies.3425  b.jpg (199009 octets)


Barnyard Babies.3425  c.jpg (154583 octets)

Barnyard Babies.3425  d.jpg (146600 octets)

N°3425. Barnyard Babies .Edith Lowe 

  illustrated by Margie - Collins Publishers for the children, a pixie book, 1950 - 4€

elvis 3470a.jpg (357155 octets)

elvis 3470b.jpg (262204 octets)


elvis 3470 c.jpg (367658 octets)

elvis 3470 d.jpg (380331 octets)

N°3471. Elvis  spécial 1967. Albert Hand 

an Elvis Monthly Special - news and pictures of the fabulous Elvis Presley - Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Geat Britain and the Commonwealth - World Distribution -  1956 35€

The Enjoyment of Misic .3451 a.jpg (326691 octets)

The Enjoyment of Misic .3451 b.jpg (192728 octets)


The Enjoyment of Misic .3451 c.jpg (208869 octets)

The Enjoyment of Misic .3451 d.jpg (233781 octets)

N°3451. The Enjoyment of Music. Joseph Machlis

an introduction to Perceptive Listening - Norton § company 1977. .5€

Songs and Games.757 a.jpg (451634 octets)

Songs and Games.757 b.jpg (571810 octets)


Songs and Games.757 c.jpg (579228 octets)

Songs and Games.757 d.jpg (540120 octets)

N°757. Songs and Games -Froebel

translated by Margaret Levy and Lucy Marks - with new illustrations - Books for the Bairns n°114. Edited by W.T. Stead - Librairie Larousse, Paris, 15€

Coronation Commentary.jpg (35577 octets)

The King of the Golden River 1907.3435 a.jpg (52075 octets)

The King of the Golden River 1907.3435 b.jpg (113956 octets)

N°2197. Coronation commentary - Geoffrey Dennis

Dodd Mead, New York, 1937 - 15€

N°3435. The King of the Golden River, or The Black Brothers - John Ruskin

A Legend of Stiria - illustrated by Doyle Richard.  George Allen London 1907 -10€

    Indiscreet letters from Peking  708.jpg (48259 octets)

    Indiscreet letters from Peking  708    b.jpg (46350 octets)


     Indiscreet letters from Peking  708    c.jpg (31596 octets)

       Indiscreet letters from Peking  708   a.jpg (27501 octets)

N°708. Indiscreet letters from Peking - Putnam Weale

Being the notes of an eye-witness, which set forth in some detail, from day to day, the real story of the siege and sack of a distressed capital in 1900, the year of great tribulation. Ex-Libris of the former owner in Germany - The cover is a bit damaged. Dodd, Mead and Company, New York, 1925 - 8€

314 JOHN HALIFAX A.jpg (26544 octets)

314 JOHN HALIFAX B.jpg (12557 octets)

221 ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONNARY.jpg (23686 octets)

N°314. John Halifax, Gentleman - Mullock

by the author of "A Woman's thoughts about women", "Chistian's mistake", "A Noble life". 14th edition. Hurst and Blackett, London - 5€ 

N°221. Etymological Dictionary - Andrew Findlater

Chambers, London, 1946. 5€

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